Reefer trailers are used for the transport of perishable and temperature-sensitive cargos. The inner/interior liner panels using TOPOLO multi-cross ply CFRT thermoplastic composites can provide strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.

Thermal Efficiency and Impact Resistance

The strong and lightweight liner panels are superior to traditional metal and wooden products in competing reefers since, by design it helps better maintain the thermal efficiency of the trailer over its lifespan.

The thermoplastic composite panels provide impact and puncture resistance needed to combat forklift damage during the loading and unloading in the transportation, thus reducing damage to both trailer and consignment.

Weight Saving and Fuel Efficiency

Used in the sidewalls, ceilings, and subfloors of reefers, the CFRT interior liner panels also help prevent trailers from weight gaining caused by water vapor intrusion through the liner into the insulating foam leading to significant reductions in payload capacity. TOPOLO innovative composite sheets can be used as liner panels in most types of refrigerated trailers for fuel saving.

Features and Specifications


Crash resistant

High stiffness


Fuel efficient

1.2mm to 1.5mm thick

Thermoplastic Composite Sheets for Reefer Trailers

The thermoplastic sheets are comprised of a robust resin system engineered for surface hardness and durability.

Unlike other liner products in the market, TOPOLO thermoplastic products do not require an anti-microbial additive for they do not support the growth of microbes. Additionally, these composite sheets have a hard, non-porous surface that is very durable and easy to clean and to keep sanitary.

TOPOLO is a leading corporation in the production of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite. The thermoplastic composite sheets and panels for reefer trailers and truck bodies provided by TOPOLO are always strong, lightweight, and recyclable.

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