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CFRT, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic, is a combination of fiber reinforcement and thermoplastic resin. It is a newly developed material in this century for both lightweight and high property.

CFRT is lightweight due to its thermoplastic structure while its high strength comes from fiber reinforcement. The special combination gives the composite a wide range of application including construction, sports and transportation in which it is an ideal solution to replace traditional materials in both properties and cost.

The replacement of metal parts with CFRT components helps to reduce weight and save fuel cost. Its application in car components includes: seat shells, car noses, brake pedals, brackets and engine fenders.



Customizable thermoplastic UD tapes, sheets, panels, etc., consist of thermoplastic resins with continuous fiber reinforcement.

Reinforced glass fiber and carbon fiber for outstanding mechanical property.



Easy for mass production

High resource efficiency in processing


Lightweight design

Thermoplastic Brake Pedals

The brake pedal is a fully integrated semi product whose thermoplastic matrix is reinforced with multi cross ply of continuous glass fiber fabric. The composite structure of PA6 matrix is co-reinforced with unidirectional fiber wrap and multi cross ply of inner fabric laminated in ±45°. The fiber wrap provides considerable tensile and flexural strength while the inner fabric layers for torsion strength. With this laminated panel, the brake pedal takes full use of its lightweight potential while keeping the mechanical property high enough for security.

The thermoplastic product wins the first prize of interiors in SPE.


Thermoplastic Composites in TOPOLO

UD tapes in TOPOLO can be also made into laminated panels. The material can be both CFRT and fabric, providing high tensile, flexural and torsion strength. The multi cross ply lamination is available in different angles: 0°, 45°, -45°, 90°, etc..

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Useful Lightweight Products

CFRT Panel 0221
CFRT Panel
CFRT Sheet 0221
CFRT Sheet
CFRT Tape 0221
CFRT for Lightweight Automobile Engineering

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