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How about the wall lining of your cargo vans? There are many things to do with both the van panel and its surface. You can draw out the best combination through the following instructions.

Cargo Van Wall Skin 0922

Cargo Van Wall Skin

Have you got an ideal van body skin in your head? Maybe it is good-looking, wear-proof, and lightweight. The panel skin can be molded into multi-layers to improve its strength. Polypropylene here is a good choice.

To achieve good-looking, you can add films outside the skin. TOPOLO can provide PET and PP films for various materials. By the way, some films also provide the anti-UV function.

High strength, the most cared feature by van owners, is undoubtedly a light-spot of TOPOLO materials. We strongly recommend you PP honeycomb panel as the core of your cargo van wall. It provides more strength with less weight. If your cargo body is supposed to keep warm or cool, it is also suggested to have foam panels inside the wall.

These are some basic suggestions about your cargo body liners. Welcome to get more information about cargo converting and lightweight solutions in TOPOLO!