TOPOLO CFRT cargo trunk mat is made of 2 cross-ply thermoplastic composite sheet and PET fabric. The fabric containing PET can be directly bonded on CFRT by thermo-compression. The CFRT molded car carpets are often used in vehicle interiors.

Material Features


Water resistance

Termite proof

Combined with TOPOLO thermoplastic composite sheets, the carpet can prevent all types of water-related damage, from spills to humidity, as well as termite damages.

CFRT carpet
CFRT carpet for car interiors
CFRT molded car carpet for trunk covers

Application of 2 Cross Ply CFRT Sheet

Side panels of D pillar:

The D pillar is the rearmost pillar of the vehicle’s body. Similar to A/B/C pillar, it also carries the weight of the roof and provides structural strength to the body.

Roof panels:

A vehicle’s roof and door design are a major factor in meeting safety and crash standards.

TOPOLO CFRT  2 cross-ply sheets can protect the pillars and panels by providing strength with a lightweight structure.

Other application on vehicles:

Trunk covers, carpet, and other car interiors

Advantages of Cargo Trunk Mat


The weight of a vehicle affects not only the performance of a car but also its fuel efficiency. Adopting TOPOLO CFRT sheet in your car carpet means a lower weight and exceptionally stable properties.

Acoustics tuning:

The special structure of the cargo trunk mat combined with TOPOLO thermoplastic composite sheets can efficiently reduce the noise by absorbing sound waves rather than reflecting them.

Highly recyclable:

The material in TOPOLO CFRT sheet introduces 100% recyclable content, which is also flexible in production and able to meet your end specifications.

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