Long-span suspension bridge:

Due to the lightweight of CFRT material, it can reduce the self mass stress of the main rope, and increase the live-load stress. In a research of a 3500m CFRT suspension bridge, the live-load stress of CFRT is 13%, while steel rope is only 7%!

Replacing traditional steel ropes with CFRT material can obviously improve the overall performance of long-span suspension bridges.

CFRT suspension bridge
CFRT in concrete construction 2

Concrete constructions:

Civil construction is the first to introduce carbon fiber into structure reinforcement. For example, adding a carbon fiber fabric layer to bridges can improve the durability of concrete and the anti-seismic property.

Future development:

CFRT is very like to become the dominant material in construction. Related technologies under development include electromagnetic protection materials for construction due to the conductivity of CFRT, and imbedding sensors into CFRT construction material to prevent the damage to buildings in real-time.

Medical Apparatus & Electronic Products

CFRT is totally X-ray transmissible. So it is an ideal material for the mobile platforms of X-ray inspection equipment. The excellent mechanical properties of CFRT also make it useful in the manufacture of orthopedics and organ transplantation devices, as well as rehabilitation products like prostheses and orthotics.

CFRT parts molded from chopped carbon fiber and nylon or polycarbonate with a mass fraction of 10% to 60% are lightweight, thin, antistatic, and anti-electromagnetic. They are suitable for various electronic products such as notebooks, LCD projectors, cameras, optical lenses, and large LCD panels. Additionally, with excellent tear resistance, CFRT is also active in bearings, rollers, pipes, and other products. To provide the same strength, CFRT is much lighter than steel products.

CFRT Medical Apparatus
Carbon Fiber Composite Application - sports 1


CFRT has already become a stable demand for sports. We can easily see its application in snowboards, hockey sticks, and tennis rackets.

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