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  • CFRT High Performance Sports Shoes header

    CFRT High Performance Sports Shoes

    Anta Sports has launched KT6 – the latest generation of the signature sneaker of NBA all-star Klay Thompson. The basketball shoe is equipped with a shank made of composite materials. This iconic basketball shoe features a variety of material technologies, [...]
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  • Composite Hatchback Panel header

    Composite Hatchback Panel

    The Nissan composite hatchback panel (rear panel) is a good example of what is feasible in thermoplastic composite materials, even for high-volume applications. Development Partnership OEM Nissan, molder Hitachi and material supplier Quadrant Plastic Composites (QPC) teamed up for this complex [...]
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  • 0915 news header

    3 Japanese Giants Worked out Thermoplastic Honeycomb Panels

    EconCore, TORAY, and Bostik have jointly developed a thermoplastic honeycomb sandwich panel. Compared with traditional thermosetting materials, the thermoplastic panel is greatly improved in production efficiency. The production period is cut to 60secs from several hours. The panel is resistant [...]
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  • The First Carbon Fiber Sheep Shed in Mongolia header

    The First Glass Fiber Sheep Shed in Mongolia

    Recently, deep in the prairie of Inner Mongolia, a white sheep shed was set on the pasture contracted by a shepherd family, 3.5 meters high, 20 meters long, and 16 meters wide. It is amazing that this is the first [...]
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  • CFRT driving panel header

    CFRT Unlock New Opportunities in Mobility

    The automotive industry faces major changes due to autonomous driving. An innovative solution to match the requirements of lightweight and multi-functionality was created in a partnership of three – based on Maezio thermoplastic composites. Find New Materials for Multi-functional Car [...]
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  • Carbon Fiber PPS Tape header

    Carbon Fiber PPS Tape Achieves Stable Mass Production

    Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is one of the most widely used engineering plastics. Its unique molecular structure has many performance advantages, such as high-temperature resistance, long-term resistance to 200°C working temperature, high rigidity, small shrinkage rate, and water absorption. Although PPS [...]
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  • Asda Carbon Fiber Fleet

    Asda Carbon Fiber Fleet

    Asda has announced a market first as it launches a new fleet of home delivery vans, which will aim to drive down carbon emissions and reduce the number of miles driven each day. The new carbon fiber fleet has a [...]
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  • Europe PVC Outlook Improves on Healthier Demand

    Europe PVC Outlook Improves on Healthier Demand

    European polyvinyl chloride (PVC) demand has risen in the third quarter on the back of a recovery in downstream sectors, including the key construction industry. Contract price discussions are underway for August with initial expectations in line with or higher [...]
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  • Composite Panels Marching on the Building Industry

    Composite Panels Marching on the Building Industry

    Recently, Rock West Composites (RWC) of the United States announced the addition of 3Form Varia Ecoresin carbon fiber building boards to its product lineup. Carbon fiber has a high-end appearance and is highly valued in architectural and interior design projects. [...]
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  • A New Carbon Fiber from South Africa

    A New Carbon Fiber from South Africa

    Although carbon fiber materials are strong and lightweight, they cost too much. However, this situation is expected to change. Scientists from South Africa have discovered a cheaper alternative. On July 29, it is reported that researchers at the University of [...]
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