Composite honeycomb sandwich panels in TOPOLO are strong and lightweight for many fields of industries, including scaffold boards in building works.

anti skip panel 450-300-1

FRP Skin

anti skip panel 450-300-2

Golf Skin

As is qualified in scaffold use, it is safe enough in the following aspects:

The textured surface provides sure footing in various working situations.

Free from knots, splitting, rotting, warping, rusting, and denting, the composite scaffold board is considerate in every detail of safety.

Impervious to water and resistant to oil, solvents, acids, and saltwater, the composite board is much durable than traditional timber and metal boards for the scaffold.

In addition, TOPOLO composite scaffold boards are lightweight and easy to use. It does not gain weight through water absorption on wet and rainy days.

The boards and panels are easy to cut, for different sizes to choose from.

anti skid panel test

SGS Test Report

Material Comparison

 Property \ MaterialCFRTTIMBERMETAL
WATER RESISTANCEresistantabsorbablerusty
CHEMICAL RESISTANCEresistantnot resistantnot resistant

Strong Impact Resistance

Stackable Design


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