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4.2m Aluminum Dropside Truck Body

Self-developed high strength aluminum framework;


Rivet and screw for connection, along with a little welding in particular places, easy installing and maintaining;


Advanced Japanese technology used in side panel structures;


Powder, painting, or electrophoresis for surface treatment.

TOPOLO Dropside Parameters

Outward Length Outward Width Outward Height
4285mm 2356mm 1735mm
Inward Length Inward Width Panel Height
4165mm 2300mm 400mm
Bottom Thickness Floor Thickness Rear Open
30mm 20mm 5 or 3 doors
Pillar Mode Bare Weight Load
Outside pillar 250kg/270kg 5t

Dropside Truck Parts

Dropside Advantages over Flatbed

It’s true that a flatbed truck maximizes space since it has no sides or roof, but if you care about the following points, you may find dropside body is the better choice.

1. The folding sides of a dropside truck give easy access for loading and unloading. It also avoids the hinge damage from forklifts.

2. The fixable side panel makes your load much safer on road. Especially when your business involves building and construction, a dropside trailer is supposed to be your great mover.

3. Additionally, you can put advertisement on the side or rear panel of your truck if you choose the dropside body.

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