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TOPOLO New Materials is located in Pujiang High-tech Zone in Shanghai. Founded in 2014, we have rich experience in lightweight solutions for almost all kinds of vehicles.

Our core product is continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites. TOPOLO CFRT products include unidirectional tapes, composite sheets and laminates, honeycomb sandwich panels, and reinforced thermoplastic pipes. Their typical advantage is strong and lightweight.

Our professional team can tell you how to customize your exclusive products, analyze the property and application of various materials, and put forward the best solution for your specific demands.

TOPOLO New Materials invests CFRT composite production lines, composite sandwich panel lines, and experimental equipment. Products are widely used in construction, automobile, rail, petrochemical, furniture, decoration, logistics, and other industries.

CFRT, continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites, uses thermoplastic resins as the matrix and continuous glass fiber as the reinforcement material. Through the resin melt impregnation, extrusion, and other processes, CFRT is continuous to form recyclable thermoplastic composites with high strength, high rigidity, and high toughness.


Lightweight solutions in TOPOLO cover the fields of automobile, logistics, and construction. For example, CFRT sheets are widely used in car interiors & exteriors like farings.

Please feel free to learn more about our complete range of high-performance CFRT by contacting us online or have a visit to our site. We can supply you with considerate lightweight solutions. From raw materials to final products, we are improving our performance to reduce the weight and save your cost.

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