TOPOLO New Materials

World Leading Thermoplastic Panels Supplier

TOPOLO New Materials is a dedicated supplier of composite sandwich panels in Shanghai. Founded in 2014, we have rich experience in honeycomb and foam materials for lightweight solutions.


Our composite panel products are widely used in dry truck bodies, cargo trailers, horse trailers, and freight boxes for lightweight and high strength. Honeycomb panels can be also taken to install temporary buildings, small offices, portable toilets and showers, and other quick-built constructions; Foam panels are suitable for freezers, reefer trailers, RV, motorhomes, and various vehicles and buildings requiring temperature-control.

Our professional team can tell you how to customize your exclusive products, analyze the property and application of various materials, and put forward the best solution for your specific demands.

Strict Production Line

This is the production line of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic UD tape. It is the raw material of TOPOLO sandwich panels.

Continuos fibers give TOPOLO panels more strength. Every step in the process is strictly controlled.

Quick-made Truck Body

This is the installation of XPS foam panel on a truck body. TOPOLO products are lightweight and easy to load.

Standard Testing System

Lightweight solutions in TOPOLO cover the fields of automobile, logistics, and construction. For example, CFRT sheets are widely used in car interiors & exteriors like farings.

Standard Testing System

High-quality products depend on professional technologies.
We are innovative to improve our proficiency.


It is necessary to have a special laboratory for researching and development, as well as accurate equipment to test our products.


These speciallized machines are introduced to test various properties of our sandwich panels and their components.