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Parameters of 5mm Non-Gelcoat FRP Laminates (Thermoplastic Sheets)

Test items Test Standards Reference Range Units Typical Value
Physical Properties
Density ASTM D792-08 1.5±0.03 g/cm3 1.51
Fiberglass Content ASTM D5630 60±2 % 59.3
Weight / 4.5±0.2 kg/m2 4.55
Thickness / / mm 5.0±0.2
Surface Quality: Smooth, no fiber overflow
Mechanical Properties
0° Flexural Strength GB/T1449 ≧250 MPa 302
90° Flexural Strength GB/T1449 ≧250 MPa 277
0° Flexural Modulus GB/T1449 ≧9000 MPa 13210
90° Flexural Modulus GB/T1449 ≧9000 MPa 9426
23℃Notch Impact Strength(0°) GB/T1451 ≧110 KJ/m² 126
23℃Notch Impact Strength(90°) GB/T1451 ≧110 KJ/m² 116

Typical Use: Aerodynamic Trailer Skirts

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The most popular application of non-gelcoat composite laminates is in the aerodynamic parts, especially for trucks and trailers. Research in North America shows that by reducing the wind flow surrounding the trailer, aerodynamic side skirts help to reduce the air resistance by 10%, saving 3000L fuel consumption per vehicle every year.

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