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5 Trends of Surface Materials in Smart Vehicles

Mrs. Agnes Kubiak, the innovation director from Style-vision Asia, delivered a wonderful speech in the automotive Interior Smart Surface Summit Forum held by Aibang on July 12th and 13th, 2018.

In the speech, the following five trends of material designing in smart vehicle surfaces were suggested and illustrated vividly through deep studying of market research.

Dynamic adaptable: Self-curing structure, programmable material, pedestrian protection, bionic skin, grapheme, aero-gel, 3D print of metal & ceramic;

Bio-manufacturing: Natural fiber composites, bioplastics made of flax, nano-cellulose, wood-based composites, wood skin, bionics, recyclable materials, leather, etc.;

Comfortable: Fabric functional audio, 3D weaving, peelable paint, active cells changing with the environment, stretchable bio-battery, human-machine interface, intelligent haptic technology, module adaptive sensor;

Solar energy: Solar cars, thin-film solar panels, solar wind coats, scrollable solar chargers, transparent glass switches, liquid crystal windows, etc.;

Smart lighting: From smartphones to cars, fiber-optic light and streamlines, LED light applications, water drops, night visibility, etc.

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