Properties and Parameters of Woven Fabric Skin Sandwich Panels

TPL Panel Common Style Low VOC Refrigerated, Energy-saving Functional Customized
Glue Thickness 0.3~0.8mm 0.3~0.8mm 0.3~0.8mm 0.3~0.8mm 0.3~0.8mm
Skin Thickness 0.5~5mm 0.5~5mm 0.5~5mm 0.5~5mm 0.5~5mm
Core Thickness 1~70mm 1~70mm 1~70mm 1~70mm 1~70mm
Length 0.1~18m 0.1~18m 0.1~18m 0.1~18m 0.1~18m
Width 0.1~3.3m 0.1~3.3m 0.1~3.3m 0.1~3.3m 0.1~3.3m
Surfacing mat  Y
Chopped Strand Mat  Y
Multi-axial cloth  Y
Plywood Core  Y  Y  Y
PVC Core  Y  Y  Y
PET Core  Y  Y
Balsa Core  Y ×  Y
Honeycomb Core  Y  Y

√  Recommend    Y Optional   × Not Recommended


A thermoplastic sandwich panel is usually made of three layers: a low-density core and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. The cores can be honeycomb or solid filling ones. Materials for the core and skin vary widely and make the sandwich panels in many forms. Composited by light ingredients, these panels are undoubtedly much less weighted, though, strength and stiffness are highly required in their applications. Despite the thickness of PP cores, stuff in the skins also play an important role in the quality and mechanical properties of final products. In TOPOLO, skins of honeycomb sandwich panels are mainly made of fabric and CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composites. The following picture shows the comparison of the two materials.

PP composites VS CFRT compositesApplication

Woven fabric skin sandwich panels produced by TOPOLO feature a high flexural strength and an excellent property of thermal insulation. They can be widely used in aeronautics, road vehicles, ships, and civil engineering. For example:

Automotive: truck and trailer cargo, recreational vehicles;

sandwich panels for AutomotiveEntertainment utilities: guard panels in GYM and rink floors

sandwich panels for entertainmentMovable facilities: stalls, stands, movable shops, temporary shed in construction sites, shelves, newsstand, portable shower room, etc.

sandwich panels for officeFurniture and office fitment: partition panels, cabinets, doors, and floors

sandwich panels for furniture