W-750 CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites) woven fabric tape is a reinforced fabric tape made of composite fibers by processes of die pressing, roll forming and VARI (vacuum assisted resin infusion). The max width is up to 125 inches. The colors are black and white.


Technical Data

Technical Data Unit Test Standards Typical Value
PP Content % GB/T2577 40
Glass Fiber Content % GB/T2577 60
Tensile Strength Mpa ISO527-4 290
Tensile Modulus GPa ISO527-4 14
Flexural Strength MPa ISO178 13
Notch Impact Strength Mpa ISO179 145

Note: The data above is tested for reference only, as the difference of processing methods.



Equally ranged, deformation resistant, easy to use;

Easy to paste, fast and fully impregnated, high production efficiency;

Excellent mechanical property;

No VOC, green and recyclable.


Symbol Names


E: E Glass Fiber

PP: Polypropylene Fiber

60/40: Glass Fiber / Polypropylene Fiber

750: Weight per square meter (g/m²)

T: Slanting Fabric

2800: Fabric Width (mm)



Model Weight (g/m²) Width (mm) Structure
E/PP-60/40-WR500 512 100-2800 Horizontal/Slanting
E-PP-60/40-WR750 748 100-2800 Horizontal/Slanting
E-PP-60/40-WR980 972.40 100-2800 Horizontal/Slanting
E-PP-60/40-WR1500-B 1496 100-2800 Horizontal/Slanting



With high property, the reinforced material is widely used in piping, automobile, construction, sporting equipment, and new energy industry.


We have samples of W750 CFRT woven fabric tapes and CFRT PP/PA/PPS tapes in stock. Please feel free to contact our TOPOLO specialists. We can run small amounts of sample products. Just tell us your specific needs.