Topology Optimization

Topology optimization is the tools to make design more durable and products more lightweight .

You can minimum material thicknesses to ensure the manufacture needs.

Topology Optimization is one parts of CAE simulation (Computer Aided Engineering) , we can define objective easily . Topology optimization can analysis the best shapes and styling jobs with supporting and loading the location on a volume of materials . It can verify the optimized design .

CAE simulation in automotive engineering, below case is lightweight simulation of back door.

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization

Composites lamination analysis

Composites is more versatility and scalability , topology optimization can analysis different angles of each sheet to meet a specific mechanical performance and aesthetics, which gives the design flexibility. It can help the composites as strong as metal ,  but composites have more benefits:

  •  Lower cost : Tools cost can lessen 50%-70% compare with steel and AL. stamping.
  • More stiffness, lower  weight: With the same stiffness , composites products have much lower weight.  It has big possibility to more stiffness than metal and Al. Especially , composites can be designed to different loading in same direction or more loading in only one direction. So composites can add the stiffness without adding the weight.
  • Design Flexibility Metal can’t design as complex as composites. Composites can easy to design complex surface , but it is difficult or impossible to come true with metal .
  • Moisture resistance and rot resistance: Metal need pay more attention of rust , but not of composites.

Topology Optimization 3

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization offers engineering design of lighter and stiffer structures. It can offers :

  • Lightweight solutions : it can compute a limit amount of materials in a design space.
  • Reduce product-cycle: including of design .test, Prototype.
  • Reduce product-cost: Easily validate results

Topology Optimization-04

Contact your Topolo Topology Optimization Specialist  now ,  minimum material thicknesses , make design more durable ,realize the lightweight ,lessen production-cycle and save your cost .