Unidirectional thermoplastic tapes reinforced by continuous glass fiber impregnated with various resins

Thermoplastic prepreg impregnated unidirectional tape (UD tape) made of CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composites.

60% continuous glass fiber reinforced unidirectional tape. The continuous glass fiber is impregnated in polyamide 6 prepregs.

The unidirectional tape possesses the highest mechanical properties among UD tapes made by various CFRT materials (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites).

The CFRT PPS UD tapes can be added with optional materials like graphite, to meet the demand of UV resistance and ageing resistance.

The PPS UD tape is made of CFRT material, suitable for continuous manufacturing of pipes, out layers and surface decorations.

The typical values are the average laboratory data for reference, can be customized by modification.

The max width is up to 125 inches. The colors can be black and white.

TOPOLO composites honeycomb sandwich panels minimize handing operation and decrease the production cost.