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    New Applications for CFRT Material

    Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) materials are based on continuous fiber and thermoplastic resin as reinforced material and matrix respectively. Through special processes, it can manufacture composite material with high-strength, high-rigidity and high-toughness. Nowadays, with the improving strength of […]

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  • CFRT Material

    Latest Study of CFRT Advanced Use

    Recent studies show that CFRT materials can be used in a wide range of material engineering fields. Today let’s see some of its applications in modern areas.   Rail Transportation Nowadays, rail industry is also getting more and more advanced. […]

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    A Brief Introduction of Vacuum Process and Products

    Materials: HDPE Benefits: easier to recycle Process: Blister Seat Back: Materials: HDPE Process: Blister Product Name:  Shield Materials : ABS Process: Blister

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    Shanghai CARBOD Automative Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai TOPOLO New Materials is one part of Shanghai CARBOD Automative Technology Co., Ltd., which is focusing on lean engineering and supplying lightweight solutions. Website: www.carbody.cn   Shanghai TOPOLO New Materials is a professional manufacturer of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic […]

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