T-SP Series Composite Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

PP honeycomb combined with composites skins (thermo-setting materials and thermoplastic materials) results in the strong, tough and lightweight sandwich panels T-SP series. The world leading skin materials integration of the honeycomb materials led to the birth of the new materials. It minimizes handing operation and greatly decreases the production cost.

Lightweight Solutions Specialist

The sandwich structure of T-SP series is a creative integration of skin materials and honeycomb materials to make thermoplastic sandwich panels much lighter and stronger.

Honeycomb Sandwich Panel
Composites  sandwich panels production process

How to Choose Your Panels?

You can choose your honeycomb sandwich panels under below specs,  welcome to contact with us for your special demands.

TOPOLO can supply:

-Panel skins of CFRT and fabric sheets available from 2 to 9 layers.

-A wide range up to 3.2m in either fabric or CFRT materials.

-Customized thickness of PP honey-comb core from 8mm to 50mm.

TOPOLO can design and manufacture composites honeycomb sandwich panels and thermoplastic sandwich panels with two kinds of different skins: CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composites skin and fabric skin sandwich panels.


T-SP Series Structure

Panels Structure


Due to the excellent properties of the composites honeycomb sandwich panel (thermoplastic sandwich panel), it have been used widely in:

  • Truck and Trailer
  • Construction
  • Architecture and swimming pool
  • Yachts and boats
  • Wind and solar

Customizing Your Exclusive Panels!

panel customizing 3

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