TOPOLO T-PC series CFRT sheet is a thermoplastic composite sheet made with unidirectional CFRT tapes through specially designed thermal lamination. The composite laminated sheets are characterized by flexible design, selectable fiber type, fiber content and fiber orientation for special requirements. The thermoplastic resin is recyclable.

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Benefits of the T-PC Series CFRT Sheets

Continuous fibers to provide much more strength and stiffness;

Excellent impact resistance and shear performance;

Short cycle time;

Light weight: 35% lighter than GRP sheets;

Strong tenacity: 100% more than GRP sheets;

Low cost: 20% lower than the cost of GRP sheets;

Thermal insulated and corrosion resistant;

Easy processing and assembling;

Non-poisonous and odorless;

100% recyclable

TOPOLO thermoplastic composite sheets give more possibilities to the designers for its better performance: strength, lightweight and design flexibility.

 CFRT Sheets in Transportation


  • Rail & Subway: Floor, lining and roof;
  • Automotive & Ship: Automotive interior & exterior; ship decorative panels, truck cargoes, trailer containers

CFRT  Sheets in Sports Tools


  • Sports Tools: Snowboards, sleds, surfboards, diving boards, oars;

CFRT in Pipe, Military, Aerospace


  • Pipes:Used in the pipe structural ply, to make pipes even stronger and more durable by the winding process of extra reinforcement.
  • Military: CFRT can be made into laminated sheets and panels to produce ballistic panels, bulletproof armors, missile storage boxes, etc..
  • Aerospace: Products and components where lightweight and strength are both highly required, such as Unit Load Devices (ULD)

CFRT  Sheets in Construction


  • Movable Units: stalls, stands in movable areas, temporary sheds, mobile shops, promotional tables, shelves, newsstands, playhouse, temporary shelters, portable and removable shower rooms, etc.
  • Furniture/ office: partitions panels, doors, floors, countertops, cabinets, (movable) furniture, etc.

Thermoplastic composite sheets can be laminated with different cores of sandwich panels. The cores can be honeycomb PP core, sandwich composites panels, balsa wood, and non-woven fabrics. TOPOLO can produce these sheets with 2 to 9 layers of CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic) composites.

Customizing Your Exclusive CFRT Sheets!

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