RV composite panels are ideal in RV construction where a lightweight, strong, and durable design is needed. Although more expensive than traditional construction, composite panels are used where traditional building materials are unable to provide the performance required. Typical applications include ramp doors, sidewalls, decking, and slide outs. The RV composite panel system can be used to make lightweight assemblies that can be turned into structures like campers, travel trailers, utility boxes, and car haulers.

RV composite panels can be designed and built as high strength structural components for the most demanding of applications, or as structural insulated panels for standard RV requirements. Honeycomb cored panels provide exceptional strength performance for units that need to be designed to be lightweight and high strength. Foam cored panels offer outstanding insulation value while providing a modular design that is lightweight, strong, versatile, and reliable.

This PP honeycomb panel takes lauan wood like the skin on one side. It is beneficial to creating flat and dent-resistant panels.

TOPOLO New Materials offers the widest range of core and skin materials in the industry to provide custom solutions to RV construction. Our PP honeycomb panels can be supplied in raw sheet form, cut for profiles and sizes, or fitted with edge trimming to make them a finished assembly.

CFRT PP honeycomb panel for RV

Features of TOPOLO RV Composite Panels

Lightweight, strong, and durable

Quick and easy to assemble

Easily to maintain

Wide variety of material options

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