Material List

(CFRT — Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite)


TOPOLO New Material is dedicated to the research and development of continuous fiber-reinforced composites for vehicle lightweight solutions and a myriad of applications like aircraft structures, industrial components, medical devices, and pipe industry.


Our materials include T-UD series unidirectional tapes, T-PC series (PC=cross-ply) CFRT sheets, T-SW series sandwich panels, T-C series panel core, T-WF series woven fabric tapes, T-P series PP pellets and T-F series PET films.


T-UD Series

Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite UD tape, a unidirectional thermoplastic tape reinforced by continuous glass fiber impregnated with resin and laminated together.

PP UD Tape Material 1
GPP Series (Glass Fiber PP UD Tape)
CPA UD Tape - materials
CPA Series (Carbon Fiber PA UD Tapes)
PE UD Tape Material 1
GPE Series (Glass Fiber PE UD Tape)
GPA UD Tape materials 2
GPA Series (Glass Fiber PA UD Tapes)
GPPS UD Tape - materials
GPPS Series (Glass Fiber PPS UD Tapes)

T-PC Series Thermoplastic Laminates

TOPOLO continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite sheets are characterized by flexible design, selectable fiber type, fiber content and fiber orientation for special requirements.

2 Cross Ply CFRT Sheets-2-materials
2 Cross Ply CFRT Laminates
Multi Cross Ply CFRT Sheets-2-materials
Multi Cross Ply CFRT Laminates
3mm CFRT Sheet
3mm/5mm CFRT Laminates

T-SW Series Composites Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Our thermoplastic sandwich panels and FRP composite panels are ideal for producers to minimize handing operation and save cost.

ECO Panel Series (CFRT Skin)
ECO Panel Series (CFRT Skin)
Thermo Panel Series (FRP Skin) 2
Thermo Panel Series (FRP Skin)

T-C Series Sandwich Panel Core

Lightweight sandwich panel core widely used in industrial constructions, especially for vehicles and automobiles

PP Honeycomb Core
T-PHC Series PP Honeycomb Core
material-PET core
PET Foam Sandwich Panel Core
Sandwich Panel Balsa Core 2
Sandwich Panel Balsa Core
material-PVC core
PVC Foam Sandwich Panel Core

T-WF Series Woven Fabric Tapes

Composite fiber reinforced fabric tape

CFRT Woven Fabric Tape
WPP Woven Fabric Tapes

T-P Series PP Pellets

50% glass fiber content

PP particles-materials
PP Particles

T-F Series Anti UV Film

3-layer co-extruded PET film

T-F Series PET Films
Anti UV Films

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