CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite) in unidirectional tapes consists of two parts: fiber reinforcement and resin. Various combination of resin and fiber forms various composites in the UD tape.


GPP series UD tapes are named by different prepregs and weight. For example, GPP510 means the UD tape is impregnated in PP resin and the weight is 510g/square meter.


In TOPOLO, the GPP510 CFRT tape (weighs 510g/m2) is 0.33mm thick. We also have a wide range of PP UD tapes from 240g to 680g.

GPP 510 UD Tape

TOPOLO is specialized in producing and customizing CFRT UD tapes for your lightweight solutions, especially in the automotive industry. These materials provide outstanding properties and strong durability to meet your specific demands.

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