PU Foam Core Sandwich Panel material 2

PU Foam Core Sandwich Panels

High durability and insulation property, easy to install and maintain

PP Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panel material 3

PP Core Sandwich Panels

Lightweight and durability, high mechanical and chemical property

PET Foam Core Sandwich Panel material 2

PET Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Excellent fatigue properties, high-temperature resistance

Balsa Core Sandwich Panel material 2

Balsa Core Sandwich Panels

High strength and stiffness, strong fire retardance

PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panel

PVC Foam Core Sandwich Panels

A consistent, smooth, and flat surface, suitable for direct print and laminating

XPS Foam Core Sandwich Panel

XPS Foam Core Sandwich Panels

Thermoplastic composite panel containing thermoplastic resin and continuous fiber glass

For more information about TOPOLO FRP composite panels, please check the details in table below.

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