What’s CFRT?

CFRT refers to continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite. It is strong in tensile and flexural properties. It can be made into various composite materials: UD tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, honeycomb sandwich panels and so on.

How can I know if I get the right materials?

All depending on your project, we will make the selection for you. Our CFRT fiber-glass skins come in different thicknesses, tensile strengths and impact resistance.

How about the lamination of CFRT tapes?

Multi-layers CFRT tapes can be laminated at one or different angles (such as 0°, 45°, -45°, 90°, etc.).

Single ply CFRT (UD tape): 0° laminated, unidirectional thermoplastic composite tape

2 cross ply CFRT sheet: 0° and 90° laminated, the mechanical strengths are equal on each dimension.

3 cross ply CFRT sheet: the strength is partial to either horizontal or vertical (0° or 90°) dimension.

5 cross ply CFRT sheet: 90/0/90/0/90 or 0/90/0/90/0 lamination (higher flexural strength and modulus)

CFRT Lamination

CFRT Lamination

What are the materials of PP composites?

The raw materials in PP composites are continuous fiberglass and thermoplastic fiber. Processed by special fusion technology, the composite fiber is of high performance.

What’s your product range?

Our products range from CFRT composite materials to related components, including CFRT UD tapes, CFRT woven fabric tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, composite sandwich panels (thermoplastic sandwich panels and honeycomb sandwich panels) and containers. Additionally, we are specialized in providing lightweight solution for all kinds of vehicles.

How about your service?

We stand behind our quality products. In TOPOLO each kind of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites material is engineered to be easily repaired in the field. Our goal is to make every purchase from TOPOLO a great experience. We strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

How about your price?

Our price is very competitive and varies from volumes, modifications and other requirements.

Can I visit your company and factory?

Absolutely! Welcome to have a personal chat in our office where we can sit down exchanging ideas and sharing information. We always have CFRT samples prepared for you to check.

Who are your customers?

We are getting this question a lot. As part of our business, we don’t share this information. You can ensure that we won’t share anything about your company details with others.

How to avoid damages (wrinkles and folds) in the surface of fabrics?

Storage is an important factor in ensuring the quality: stock the fabric coils horizontally in a dry environment at normal temperatures, uncoil the fabric evenly and do not fold it.

Can I wrap, spray, or paint the composite bodies?

Simply yes. But we do not recommend changing the white color into anything darker. There would be an increased risk of delamination due to higher surface temperatures. These higher temperatures could soften the panel adhesive and possibly cause the separation of foam core and CFRT skin. In case of delamination due to high heat damage, we would guide you through the repair process, but will not be able to accept it as a warranty claim.

What’s the difference between various container materials?

Please see the bars below.


Thermoplastic Container (lightest weight)
Thermo-setting Container
Steel Container
Aluminum Container

Cost Efficiency

Thermoplastic Container
Thermo-setting Container
Steel Container (lowest cost)
Aluminum Container