The composites in CFRT can be PA, PP,PU, PC, or PPS, and the continuous fiber can be glass fiber, carbon fiber or aramid fiber. The high strength and stiffness, together with its lightweight, make CFRT composites an ideal substitute of traditional metal materials in various fields.



Easy molding process

Noise absorption for much more comfortable experience

Widespread usage for all kinds of car components with lightweight structures.



CFRT in automobile bottom plate (chasis):

The CFRT technology achieved in long-lived bottom plates also enables the production of indestructible car components like engine hood, tank cover and center tunnel hood.


The first mixed injection molding rear bumper with CFRT material:

The composite panel combined with continuous long glass fiber and random long glass fiber form a particular multi layer structure which enables the resin to flow fluently during injection molding and form complicated sizes. With high mechanical and energy absorption property, the composite material is qualified in the key parts like rear bumpers.

With the PA6 thermoplastic composite and the one-time injection molding technology, Honda has successfully developed the first mixed injection molding rear bumper in the world.




Compared with traditional materials like woods and metals, CFRT composite materials are much lighter. Cars equipped with TOPOLO CFRT products can take on bad roads, safer, and even stronger.

Corrosion resistant:

Composite materials can protect your vehicle from almost all kinds of corrosion. In TOPOLO, our CFRT  materials are very resistant to the harsh chemicals that can eat away at your car over time.

High strength:

Though composites tend to be lighter than its counterparts, it does not mean that CFRT material is weaker in any aspect. Products made from TOPOLO continuous fiber reinforced composite materials (UD tapes, CFRT sheets and panels, etc.) are designed to be strong in specific areas and directions.

Cases of CFRT in Automobiles

CFRT Innovation

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