TOPOLO New Materials invests CFRT composite production lines, composite sandwich panel lines, and experimental equipment. Products are widely used in construction, automotive, rail, petrochemical, furniture, decoration, logistics, and other industries.

CFRT (continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites) uses thermoplastic resins as the matrix and continuous glass fiber as the reinforcement material. Through the resin melt impregnation, extrusion and other processes, CFRT is continuous to form recyclable thermoplastic composites with high strength, high rigidity, and high toughness.

The fibers in the impregnation of the resin mono-filament are more sufficient than conventional thermoplastic composites (such as GMT, LFT). So the mechanical properties, especially the tensile, bending and impact performance are much higher than that of the above-mentioned materials.

In addition to the raw materials such as CFRT UD tapes, thermoplastic composite sheets, composite panels (thermoplastic sandwich panels and honeycomb sandwich panels) and the final products (containers and cargoes), we ideally provide the total lightweight solutions. We continuously invest in CAE lean engineering test and production such as model manufacturing, parts production, and supply.

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TOPOLO knows that our joint success depends on the collection of customers’ success. We strive to develop a deep understanding of the customers’ business objectives so as to supply the right products at the right time. Our technical expertise combines with our ability to adapt to our customers’ business needs. We understand our customer competition in the industry, we continue to seek new ways and new materials to maximize the customers’ market.

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We believe that special talents have the way to create miracles. They need intelligence and freedom to turn their ideas into reality. In TOPOLO, this is our culture. We find enlightened, qualified and innovative heads to join us and meet your needs with special customization.


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