CFRT sheet refers to the continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite sheet that can be stamped or thermoformed into various shapes. The shaped part can be over-molded with additional resin for added stiffness and part integration. Its significant strength and stiffness properties are, in many cases, superior to most metals. The 2 cross-ply CFRT sheets offer a viable replacement to metal parts in automotive body and structural components.



Significant weight reduction;

Superior strength and stiffness to steels;

Excellent performance in crash applications;

Less creep than short­ fiber-reinforced resins;

High thermal aging properties



Parameters of T-PC Series 2 Cross-Ply CFRT Sheets

5 Layers CFRT Sheet 7 Layers CFRT Sheet
Lamination 0/90/0/90/0 90/0/90/0/90 0/90/0/90/0/90/0 90/0/90/0/90/0/90
Thickness 1.2mm 1.2mm 1.6mm 1.6mm
Flexural Strength 630Mpa 350Mpa 530Mpa 370Mpa
Flexural Modulus 25Gpa 7.5Gpa 19Gpa 9Gpa
9 Layers CFRT Sheet Compound Fabric of CFRT and PP
Lamination 0/90/…/90/0 90/0/…/0/90 0/90/Fabric/0/90/0 90/0/Fabric/90/0/90
Thickness 2.15mm 2.15mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Flexural Strength 450Mpa 350Mpa 300Mpa 230Mpa
Flexural Modulus 18Gpa 8.5Gpa 14Gpa 7.6Gpa
PP Compound Fabric
Lamination 3*1500g/m2
Thickness 3mm
Flexural Strength 190Mpa
Flexural Modulus 9Gpa



With a PC matrix, the continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite sheet can be expanded to a flame-retardant version which becomes especially suitable for large, thin-walled, and extremely stiff housing parts such as notebook computers, tables, and TV sets.

Our offer CFRT sheets range from 2 layers to 9 layers, differ by lamination methods, thickness, flexural strength, and modulus. Variations are available with glass fiber, carbon fiber or both.